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State Senator Brian Pettyjohn of Georgetown proudly represents Delaware’s 19th Senatorial District. First elected to the senate in 2012, Senator Pettyohn won his first term in the Delaware General Assembly by receiving nearly 60 percent of the vote while campaigning for less than 37 days due a hotly contested court battle regarding ballot name placement that ended up being decided in the favor of Senator Pettyjohn.

Believing in the ideals of open and transparent government, Senator Pettyjohn continues to make it a priority to communicate with his constituents on a regular basis. He appears weekly on local radio programs, sends regular newsletters, and hosts monthly coffees across the Senatorial District.  Voters know first hand the important legislation taking place before Delaware’s Senate and how Senator Pettyjohn will be voting because of his commitment to open and honest communication.

In the 2023-2024 Senate Term, Senator Brian Pettyjohn’s committee assignments include the Banking, Business, Insurance & Technology, Education, Executive, Judiciary, Legislative Council, Legislative Oversight & Sunset, and Rules & Ethics committees.  In addition, Senator Pettyjohn was elected by his caucus as the Republican Whip, a member of the Republican Leadership team in the General Assembly.  He has also been named to several other legislatively-created committees including the Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force (2022), Lottery & Gaming Study Commission (2013), the Undocumented Driver Task Force (2015), the Delaware Education Compensation Committee (2022-2023), and the Financial Literacy Task Force (2015).  Senator Pettyjohn has also been named to the Southern Region Education Board Legislative Advisory Council,  National Conference of State Legislatures Policy Board,  and numerous other boards and committees.  In 2022, Senator Pettyjohn was named as co-chair of the Council of State Government – Eastern Regional Conference (CSG-ERC) Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee, and was named a 2022-2023 Fellow to the National Conference of Sate Legislatures (NCSL) Pretrial Policy program.  Senator Pettyjohn is also a member of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC), which is charged with making the formal projections for Delaware’s revenue on which the state’s budget is based.

Prior to his current seat in the Delaware State Senate, Senator Pettyjohn served as councilman of Georgetown from 2008-2010 and Mayor from 2010-2012.

Continuing in his commitment to his community, Senator Brian Pettyjohn serves on several organizations including the Sussex County STEM Alliance, Sussex Sports Center Foundation, the Greater Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, and The Chad Spicer Foundation.

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